IELTS is one of the world’s most popular English proficiency test. Many people are taking the exam as it is a gateway to many educational and employment opportunities worldwide. Anyone who has the qualifications to take the exam can take advantage of these opportunities. However, passing this test can be quite challenging, and this is why test takers should take time in evaluating and significantly improving their English knowledge.


Lisa Brams is an English teacher currently teaching at IELTS – an exam preparation school in Singapore and has created this website to help test takers overcome the challenges in taking the exam. Her passion towards building a connection with people is not just demonstrated in her excellent singing and songwriting skills but also in the manner that she teaches the English language. Students, professionals and all test takers will be able to explore many aspects of the IELTS test by taking a look of what this website has to offer.

This website is an ideal online venue for individuals who are looking for information to help them succeed in the IELTS test. Lisa (you can see more of her articles here and here) has spent years teaching the English language and has remarkable knowledge in proficiency exams. Through this website, exam takers will be able to gain some relevant information that can help them succeed in the IELTS test. This website also features some information about ESL and teacher training.