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Great Tools for Reading Comprehension Skills

Yesterday, I went to my friend house to give him something that I promised as a gift for his birthday (an app for English learning? Nah…). It was actually a fishing rod and some other fishing materials. He’s really fond of fishing and as a matter of fact, he even joins a lot of competitions. While we were talking at the garden, his niece approached and asked if I could give her some reading materials to read on. She was preparing for an English proficiency exam and thought it would be helpful if she gets more reading materials especially for the reading section of the test. I gave here the reading materials I have a couple of hours ago, including this one here that I am sharing with you. This article is about the great tools to improve students reading comprehension skills. I personally believe that students and those who are preparing for an exam can make a great use out of this article. Check this out:

5 Great Tools to Improve Students Reading Comprehension Skills ~ Educational Technology and Mobile Learning 27, 2014 One of the key concerns I often hear primary teachers vociferate revolves around the potential of technology in enhancing students reading comprehension skills. As a matter of fact, technology’s role in this regard is phenomenal and there are now several web tools and mobile apps that are designed specifically for the improvement of students reading skills. These tools make use of a variety of activities and exercises all of which are geared towards providing students with meaningful practice in areas related to reading comprehension. Here are some of the key tools I would recommend to use with your kids and students to improve their reading comprehension skills. 2-Rewordify Rewordify lets you read more, understand more, learn more words, and teach more effectively. Via

I also gave my friend’s niece some reading materials about a wide variety of topics and let her borrow the paperbooks written by my favorite author. Anyway, I would be posting more reading materials here so I hope you will continue to visit my website.

Improve Brain Function with Healthy Whole Foods

When I was a student, I used to eat a lot of junk food and other unhealthy food and beverage items. However, when I met someone who influenced me to eat healthy, my diet has changed. Even today, I still practice healthy eating habits and this is because I want to take care of my body. I’m also eating healthy because wanted to improve my brain health. I know that there are many food and beverages that are very effective in improving brain health and function. There are several studies that revealed how healthy foods such as fruits and vegetables can significantly help improve brain function and memory. This is why I’ve always recommended to my students to eat healthy on a daily basis. When I came across this article, the first thing that came into my mind was to post and share it with you. This is about improving brain function with healthy whole foods. I hope you find this useful, check it out:

Improve Brain Function with Healthy Whole Foods – Sandpoint Wellness Council are times when I recognize my life experiences have begun to fail my expectations. I struggle forward with all my established habits and see no new results, no new expectation being met. I then begin to question myself, my attitude, my behavior, and check to see if my expectations are realistic.

The global unrest also forces us to question so many things. I ask myself, “why is the world so angry?” It has begun to feel like another Inquisition such as occurred during the Middle Ages, a history where a religious stronghold tried to gain governance over major populations. Such hatred, cruelty, evil acts, and misaligned thinking bring harm against one’s own people as well.

What does this ongoing behavior and evil thinking do to build trust, deepen faith, and develop harmony among people and nations? All economies need each other. Alienation it seems to me is counter-productive to the ends the extremists are trying to create.


I have many favorite fruits and vegetables that are considered by many nutritionists to be healthy. Whenever I’m not busy, I usually explore some recipes that I could use for the healthy ingredients that I want to consume. I’ll be posting more articles about memory enhancing food, test preparation, assessment tests and The IELTS School, please do keep yourself updated.

International Students are Becoming More Geographically Mobile

I found a very interesting article about the number of students who are taking English proficiency exams for university admission. What makes this article even more catchy is that it is pointing out the continually increasing popularity of the English language. This means that many international students are becoming more geographically mobile.

Testing English as a Foreign Language for University Admissions | WENR to recently released figures from the OECD, the number of students enrolled outside their country of citizenship more than doubled in the period between 2000 and 2012, to a total of approximately 4.5 million. Of those 4.5 million students, 44 percent were studying in one of six major English-language destinations: The United States (16%), the United Kingdom (13%), Australia (6%), Canada (5%), New Zealand (2%), and South Africa (2%).

In addition, many institutions of higher education in countries where English is not the primary language of instruction now offer programs taught in English, especially at the graduate level and targeted heavily at international students. According to a 2013 report from the Institute of International Education, as of June 2013 the total number of English-taught master’s programs in Continental Europe was 6,609, a 42 percent increase since 2011. With institutions in Asian host countries also rapidly developing English-language programs, it seems fair to assume that at least half of the world’s globally mobile student population is today studying either wholly or partly in the English language.


English language proficiency exams are indeed extremely popular. Here’s this another fantastic article that talks about the latest test ideal for the international students who are learning or mastering the English language. Check this out:


Take A New Test Aimed At The World’s English-Language Learners | West Virginia Public Broadcasting these nonnative speakers struggle, they want to know how they’re doing. And now there’s a new way to find out. EF Education First, a Swiss education company, noticed that its students wanted an inexpensive, standardized way to test their knowledge before paying for official language tests for university admissions. In response, the company has released its own free, online standardized test.

According to the above paragraph, what demands does the test meet?

A) There’s no cost for taking the test.

B) It is available on the Internet.

C) It is standardized.

D) All of the above

The answer is D) All of the above. (Isn’t it always?)

There are an estimated 1.5 billion English-language learners in the world, and that number is expected to exceed 2 billion by the end of the decade. The EF Standard English Test, or EFSET, hopes to provide this group with a self-assessment tool. Via

I have encountered many students before who believed that self-assessment tools have significantly helped them improve their English skills and knowledge. These learning materials have also helped them increase their chance in having a high band score. I will be posting more about self-assessment tools soon.