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Managing College Application Stress

College Application can be a stressful process, this is why I am featuring an article here that can help teachers provide their students some inputs on how they can deal with it. When I was a student, I had a fine time preparing my college application mainly because I’ve worked so much for it. I personally believe that students only need to explore some techniques to have proper guidance in applying to college. I was a very busy student before. During my college days, I was fond of hanging out in the library. I liked it there, staying in between the bookshelves and being surrounded with a lot of books. I also played volleyball and was an active member of an organization. I was excited to step inside the real world and find a job after graduate. However, leaving wasn’t really easy. Even after graduation, I still kept on visiting our school. Anyway, I hope you’ll find this article helpful:

5 Tips to Help Manage College Application Stress’re less than a month away from regular decision deadlines, and with many early admissions decisions being released this week and next college application stress is at a fever pitch.With standardized tests, essays, and schoolwork all piling up in December, it’s easy for college-bound seniors to feel overwhelmed, overworked, and just plain stressed about finishing everything on time. Applying to college isn’t easy, so it’s important for students to have a plan of action to cope with the stress and for parents to be supportive parties during this busy time.

Here are five tips to help high school seniors relax and stay on track. Via

Whenever I come across some interesting articles, I couldn’t help but want to share it with you here. I actually have many posts that I have collected while I was browsing the other day. Most of the posts provides some study tips and techniques for individuals who are preparing for IELTS. You may check out this website to have an idea how exactly you can prepare for the exam. Anyway, I hope you keep yourself updated as I will be posting them here real soon!

English Proficiency Training for Exam Takers

Attending in preparation courses is one of the most effective ways of passing the exam. Test takers who want to work abroad or seeking for university admission approval should not only depend on their English teacher but also find ways to improve their knowledge and skills. I found this amazing article that can truly help exam takers do good during the test. If you want more tips on how to get a high band score, check out the article below.

How to get High Band Score in IELTS Tips, Steps, Advice | Study Abroad score form a major determining factor of whether you make through the University of your choice or not. Though nothing can compensate the hard work and consistent practise, there are some tips and steps which, if followed, can help you in improving your IELTS band score. In the article below, we will discuss some of these steps and advice:

Thus, with these tips and tricks, you will be able to go beyond an average score to an amazing one!! Via

I also tell my students to complete tasks and practice especially in the reading section of the IELTS test. The reading test may require a higher level of preparation. To those who are anxious about dealing with this section, check out the article below.

Read less, learn more | IELTS tips a test, I’ll tell new students to read and complete one or two IELTS Reading tasks. Often, a red flag arises immediately: the questions go to one side, the reading passage takes centre stage and the student reads the text word by word from beginning to end; worse still, some stop to panic about words they don’t know! I can just see the minutes ticking away and no answers being noted down…

What should you be doing with your limited time? Make the questions the priority. Rather than pushing them to the side to look at each word in each paragraph in each passage, read the questions to know what information you need to look for when you do read the passages. First, read the questions to understand their meanings and to know what they are looking for. Then just start answering them. Find information that answers questions and apply it as fast as possible.

Okay, you’re into the questions and you’re doing great… Suddenly, you see a word you don’t know and enter a mild panic. Stop. Don’t worry. Even those who have been using English for decades will see words that they don’t know from time to time. You’re already taking the test, so it’s too late to look the word up, so what do you do? Via

There are more interesting ways to practice, learn and prepare for the exam. It’s just a matter of knowing that familiarity and preparation can significantly help improve one’s chance in passing.